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   Through our partnerships we are able to    provide clients and IFA’s with access to    solutions & advice in the following areas:

The Enhance IFA business has evolved from being a one-man practice in 1996 to being a diversified business catering to the needs of both clients and Independent Financial Advisors.

Through the Enhance IFA business we are able to offer a highly personalised financial planning  service to our clients as well as outsourced Investment Planning and Management to IFA’s.

Enhance IFA



 The Financial Collaboratory

Enhance IFA  is a unique resource which addresses challenges and concerns facing both Investors and Independent Financial Advisors.

We have brought together the highest level of professional skills through strategic collaborative partnerships resulting in a suite of solutions covering all aspects of financial and investment planning.

Our investment solutions and outsourced investment administration services provide both clients and IFA’s with a range of options backed by some of the finest research & processes.

At the core of our business is Personal Financial Planning. We provide our clients with a highly personalised,industry leading range of value added services.

Financial Planning

In addition to our Portfolio Management Services, we also provide IFA’s with an outsourced Client Investment Management & Reporting Service.

Administration Services

We have created a ‘package’ of world class Risk Tolerance and Profiling Tools which provide IFA’s with a simple but credible Step by Step Investment Planning Process.

Planning Tools

Benefits to IFA’s

Many Independent Financial Advisors are wrestling with the challenges facing them in building sustainable practices, implementing credible processes, adapting to the regulatory environment and retaining their independence.

By harnessing the resources available through being a part of Enhance IFA , IFA’s are empowered to address many of these issues without necessarily incurring any additional costs, whilst at the same time, increasing the value of their businesses.

The Power of Partnerships

To be all things to all people is a goal seldom achieved.

We have built our business and range of solutions on partnerships forged over many years resulting in advice and investment processes which comply with the highest levels of independence, objectivity, professional skills and integrity.

Our business partners have been selected based on many different criteria & they subscribe unconditionally to our client centric ethos.


In partnership with some of the most respected multi managers we have set up suites of Model Portfolios across 5 of the largest LISP Platforms.

Portfolio Management

With the regulatory environment placing more and more demands on IFA’s and the introduction of RDR & TCF further compounding the challenges, IFA’s are now looking to form groups &  networks

Enhance IFA Group


We have created a network of professional partners which gives us access to some of the finest skills available across the various facets of Financial, Investment & Retirement Planning.

Below you will see some of our Partners. Please go to our Partners Page to view details of all of our partners.

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In order to retain their independence many  

IFA’s may have to form partnerships and implement outsourcing arrangements to ensure that they remain compliant.

Retaining Independence

Many of the smaller IFA practices may find it difficult to comply with the requirements for constructing and managing investment portfolios without incurring advice risk.

Portfolio Construction

Benefits to Clients

Clients of Enhance IFA are secure in the knowledge that the advice which they receive from our in-house advisors is independent and objective and they benefit from lower costs which we have negotiated with our business partners. We have built our practice on personal relationships, communication, care and support.

Creating value in an IFA Practice is a topic  currently being discussed in many forums and preserving that value is another major challenge and topic of discussion.

There are any number of institutions and entities looking to acquire IFA Practices or enter into Buy and Sell Agreements as part of a Succession Plan. Whether as a buyer or a seller there is significant risk in terms of realising the true value of the practice. A seller will normally only benefit from the sale if clients remain with the new acquirer and the purchaser will also only realise full value if the clients remain after the seller departs the business.

Our Enhance Eco-System provides potential sellers with a unique process where the risk of diluting the value of the practice is significantly reduced and sellers are more likely to maximise their practice value and, hence, the price that they ultimately receive.

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The Enhance Eco-System

A unique approach to Practice Management & Succession Planning

Risk Profiling White Paper:    GO Enhance Eco System.pdf