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 By following the Step by Step, Paint by Numbers structure of the Enhance Investor Tool, Advisors and their clients will be taken through a logical series of steps which will address the following:

The FAIS Act, together with the challenges being posed by RDR and TCF, imposes many requirements on Advisors in the Investment Advice process.The challenge for Advisors is to be able to determine, as required by FAIS, a client Risk Profile which includes 3 different components: Risk Tolerance, Needs & Objectives and Capacity.

The next challenge is to match an investment portfolio to the Risk Profile

The Investment Advice



The Enhance Investor Investment & Financial Planning Tool is the result of many years of research and hands on experience and is designed to provide IFA’s with a Step by Step, Paint by Numbers investment & financial planning process which will stand up to the highest levels of scrutiny.

Rather than build a resource from  the ground up we have chosen rather to integrate & package a range of world class tools which we have made accessible through a single console. These include a CRM/ Client Database, Cloud file storage, To Do & Task Manager, Online Meeting Room , Psychometric Risk Tolerance, Dynamic Query & Client Communication & Client Self Help  Robo-Planner.

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Garth, & Peter, with more than 40 years experience in the financial & investment planning industry, have pooled their collective knowledge in the design & development of the Enhance Investor Tool.

Enhance IFA

FinaMetrica is a world leader in the development of psychometric risk tolerance tools and they have received numerous international awards in this area of expertise.


Designed & developed by Peter Strydom & Stan Freemantle, the 4Sight Tools have been used by experienced IFA’s since 2007. Easy to use, interactive & educational planning tools..

4Sight Financial Tools

Rather than embarking on an exercise where we created the tool from the ground up, we decided to harness& integrate proven tools and solutions and package them in one seamless solution.

Design Logic

FinaMetrica is an Australian company which specialises in the creation and provision of Risk Tolerance Tools. Their tools are in use in most of the English speaking world.

The 4Sight Tools have been in use since 2006 and have evolved and developed through user feedback & requests from experienced IFA’s who use the tools.

Sight Financial Tools

Benefits to Clients

Clients who engage with IFA’s who subscribe to, and use, the Enhance Investor Tool can feel secure in the knowledge that the very best processes are being deployed in the advice process being used by their Advisor.

Not only will they ultimately be guided to use an appropriate investment solution, if their IFA uses one of our recommended portfolios, they can be secure in the knowledge that the selected portfolio will be actively managed by qualified investment professionals.

Our Model Portfolios, which we co-manage with respected fund managers such as Enhance IFA Solutions, Sanlam Multi Manager International, & Independent Investment Partners are available on various LISP Platforms such as Glacier, Stanlib, Allan Gray & Investec.

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Modular Design

Benefits to IFA’s

In designing the functionality of the Tool, we have partnered with FinaMetrica, a world renowned developer of Risk Tolerance tools which are used worldwide.

In order to empower IFA’s and their clients to then, after determining the client Risk Tolerance, determine the client’s Needs and Objectives, we have partnered with 4Sight Financial Tools who then provide us with one of the most comprehensive Retirement Planning Tools available in South Africa.

4Sight also provides us with a tool which will enable IFA’s to demonstrate to their clients the possible effects of investment volatility on their Investment Plan.

The Enhance Investor Tool is primarily designed for use by IFA’s who do not have their own research capability that more sophisticated practices may have.  By  not using or having access to robust and diligent investment processes that can be used in an integrated manner, being able to match a Client Risk Profile to an appropriately constructed and managed investment solution is nigh impossible. By using a tool such as Enhance Investor, the IFA can be confident that their investment advice process will stand up to scrutiny and will help to all but eliminate investment advice risk.