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Trust & Independence

Professional Fiduciary Services

Fiduciary Services, in the context of holistic Financial Planning, is an often mis-understood expression. Many IFA’s will tell you that they are able to provide advice and planning assistance with the structuring of your will, your estate plan, business continuity and the winding up a an estate. Whilst some probably can provide professional help in these complex areas, many are just not suitably qualified. Those people with more complex estates need to engage with practitioners who are experienced in these areas and who are not driven or motivated by making a product sale.

We have contracted with an Independent Fiduciary Services Specialist by the name of Nigel Henson. Nigel runs his own independent practice in Durban and he has worked as an Independent Financial Advisor and Legal Practitioner. He serves as Trustee on Family Trusts and advises on the drafting of Wills. He is also qualified to structure agreements relating to the purchase and sale of businesses and agreements between Members and  Shareholder’s.

Another of Nigel’s specialities is in the area of filling the role of Executor in deceased estates.

Our Value Add

A growing Part of Nigel’s practice is the administration of estates under curatorship.

If a person, through mental or physical disability, can no longer administer their own financial affairs, any Power of Attorney granted to a person to administer their affairs falls away and  the Master of the High Court must be approached to appoint a Curator to manage such person’s affairs






   About Nigel

Born in 1951 in the former Rhodesia, Nigel Henson studied law at Rhodes University, obtaining an LL.B Degree in 1974.

He was admitted as an Advocate of the High Court in Salisbury in 1975. In 1976 he emigrated to Durban  and took articles with Biebuyck & Co. In 1978 he joined Old Mutual as the first ever Broker Legal Advisor in Durban. He joined Alexander Forbes as a Financial Advisor in 1981 and he opened his own practice, Nigel Henson & Associates, in 1986.

When did you last review your Will? Do you even have a Will?

If you have not asked yourself these questions then you are courting financial disaster.

Having an up to date, well structured Will can eliminate many difficulties for your surviving spouse and family.

We cannot stress enough the absolute importance of having a current Will..

There is a big difference between Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion. One is legal and the other is not.

By structuring your income and investments with the help of an experienced professional, you can significantly reduce the amount of Income Tax and CGT that you may have to pay.

For those of you who have their own businesses, apart from your property, the business may be the single most valuable asset that you own. But what happens to that value when you die, become disabled or when you retire.

Business Continuity planning can help to identify and address the potential problems that could arise whilst ensuring that the true value is realised.

The winding up of Deceased Estates can be a long, arduous, frustrating and expensive exercise.

Proper professional Estate Planning together with an appropriately structured Will can make this process a lot smoother and quicker and can result in the efficient devolution and distribution of your estate.


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